LiveWell This Holiday Season

At Lutheran Community at Telford, fitness and fun are one of the pillars of healthy living. This year, join us for the 12 days of FITmas Challenge by participating in consecutive days of activities to help you stay active and mindful during the holiday season. This program is spearheaded by our new Fitness & Wellness Coordinator, Kayla Jurimas, who says, 

As the Fitness and Wellness Coordinator here at the Lutheran Community at Telford, I have the opportunity to work with residents in all levels of care to enhance the vibrancy and quality of life through physical activity, wellness, and fellowship.

Kayla Jurimas

Beginning Monday December 11th through Friday December 22nd, residents will be challenged to perform senior-friendly exercises for the day. By signing up at the Fitness & Aquatic Center, you will receive daily emails with tips, healthy recipes, exercise instructions and more. The best part? Participants will be entered into a raffle for gift card prizes!  

Bring on the Exercise!

Day 1: Complete 10 Sit-to-Stands  

Day 2: Go for a walk outside or Cardio in the Fitness Center  

Day 3: Take Chair Yoga Class with Kayla (10:30am in the Fitness Center) 

Day 4: Attend Brain Aerobics with Nicole (Tuesdays, 10am at The Meadows or Thursdays at 11am in the Administration Building Activity Room) 

Day 5: Take Stairs instead of the Elevator  

Day 6: Make Healthy Cookie: Click here for a suggested Recipe! 

Day 7: Self Care Sunday – Do something for YOU! 

Day 8: 10 Minutes of Movement 

Day 9: Take a Class in the Pool or a Studio Class 

Day 10: Try a Healthy Holiday Smoothie: Click here for a suggested Recipe! 

Day 11: Take a Balance Class or Practice Balance Exercises 

Day 12: Get a pre-holiday workout in!

Are you interested in healthy living beyond these 12 days? Both Grace Inspired Living communities have a variety of inclusive programs. Director of Life Enrichment Nicole Brennan has introduced LiveWell, promoting healthy choices in day-to-day living. If you’re a resident at Lutheran Community at Telford, find Kayla Jurimas for Fitness & Wellness. Meanwhile, Olivia Ruch can address all fitness needs of residents at The Community at Rockhill. Fitness Specialist Jen Emery is also available on both campuses for additional information. 

May your workouts be merry and bright!



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