The Stats Behind Continuing Care Retirement Communities in Pennsylvania 

Are you or a loved one considering a move to a retirement community in Bucks County, PA? Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) are proven to provide a better quality of life through social interaction, physical activity, nutrition, cognitive function, security, and longer life span.  With a focus on enriching the lives of our residents through comprehensive services and amenities, Grace Inspired Living stands as a beacon of quality senior living in the heart of Bucks County.

Independent Living in Bucks County

Grace Inspired Living offers a haven for active seniors seeking vibrant, independent living. The Community at Rockhill and Lutheran Community at Telford provide special activities and clubs to satisfy even the most niche interests. Studies reveal that 85% of seniors in CCRCs like ours enjoy regular social interactions, fostering a lively atmosphere where friendships flourish. Our unique communities offer both opportunities for independence and socialization through our Life Enrichment programs on both Telford’s and Rockhill’s campuses. According to the Journal of Housing for the Elderly, seniors in CCRCs experience lower rates of depression, with a 20% reduction compared to those living alone. Additionally, 30% of seniors living in a retirement community are less likely to experience feelings of loneliness (Source: University of California, San Francisco).

Memory Care Bordering Montgomery County 

For those facing memory challenges, Grace Inspired Living’s Lutheran Community at Telford provides specialized Memory Care rooted in compassion and dignity. Research from the Journal of Aging and Health demonstrates that regular mental stimulation provided by CCRCs contributes to a 15% improvement in cognitive function among residents. Our dedicated staff ensures personalized care tailored to the unique needs of each resident, promoting a sense of security and well-being. 

Active Senior Living Residences

According to a study conducted by the National Institute on Aging (NIA), approximately 70% of seniors in CCRCs engage in regular physical activity leading to improved mobility and overall physical health. At Grace Inspired Living, staying active is not just encouraged, it’s celebrated! Our communities provide numerous amenities and programs designed to promote physical, mental and emotional well-being. From fitness classes to engaging social events, there’s always something exciting happening at Grace Inspired Living, ensuring that every day is filled with opportunities for enrichment and enjoyment.

Active Seniors Require Quality Nutrition 

Meal plans are offered at Lutheran Community at Telford and The Community at Rockhill. Embracing a well-balanced diet is beneficial in all phases of life. A survey conducted by LeadingAge, a nonprofit organization focused on aging services, found that 95% of seniors in CCRCs report healthier eating habits due to access to nutritious meals and dining options. Between the two Grace Inspired Living campuses, we have four on-site restaurants, providing a variety of options and offering a change in atmosphere.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

In addition to Independent Living and Personal Care with Memory Support, Grace Inspired Living offers Skilled Nursing facilities for residents in need of specialized medical care. Studies show that seniors in retirement communities experience 25% fewer hospitalizations compared to those living independently, underscoring the importance of on-site healthcare and wellness programs in maintaining optimal health and well-being (NIH).

Discover Grace Inspired Living

With over 90% of seniors in CCRCs reporting a high quality of life compared to other living arrangements, it makes sense why seniors choose to transition to one of these communities. With secure housing, amenities and access to healthcare services, Grace Inspired Living residents are no exception. If you’re searching for a retirement community in Bucks County, PA, look no further! With a commitment to compassionate care, vibrant community life and faith-based values, we are dedicated to enriching the lives of our residents at every stage of their journey. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a tour of our exceptional communities.



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