Residents, Community Donate to Telford Fire Company

Recognizing the key role the Telford Volunteer Fire Company plays in their community, residents at the Lutheran Community at Telford donated $7,595 to the organization’s recent fundraising efforts to install a new ventilation system in the engine house. In addition to the residents’ donations, the community’s corporate office donated an additional $2,500 for total donation of $10,095.

Currently the Telford Fire Company does not have a ventilation system for the diesel exhaust from apparatus or gas-powered tools within the engine house, which can create a build-up of hazardous fumes. With a first priority of safety for its members, the company started a fundraising campaign to install this equipment, as a project of this size would take up a considerable amount of its operating budget, and state or federal grant monies are not available for a project of this scope.

The Telford Fire Company has been serving Telford Borough and surrounding communities since 1903. This past year, its firefighters responded to a record number of fire calls, a trend expected to continue in the coming years. The Company has over 60 firefighters and eight junior firefighters.



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