Celebrating Our Employees in 2019

Lutheran Community at Telford and its parent company Grace Inspired Ministries celebrated all its employees the week of October 28 but took extra time to recognize employees with milestone anniversaries of 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 years of service. Altogether, the 33 people recognized had a total of 370 years of service.

5 Years
Cory Anderson
Gilmore Consuelo
Marianne Corbe
Ron Deifer
Jennifer Flanagan
Laurie Gravel
Lydia Greim
Rachel Lennon
Dale Moe
Rich Pallante
Jennifer Russell
Kristin Thim
Aslin Tressler
Pam Weikel

10 Years
Maria Davila
Bob Groff
Shazia Malik
Bill Messner
Sara Miller
Mike Shoemaker
Barbara Wile

15 Years
Nicole Brennan
Roxanne Gemmell
Sandra Hager
Ed Marks
Tracy Moore
Traci Platt
Ellen Shrager

25 Years
Carol Bomboy
Brenda Dague
Teresa Kaspar
Linda Shuck
George Vu

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