Dual Art Show in March at Gallery at Rockhill

Join us for the exhibit opening for Bucks County artists Eric Boynton and Sam Swartley.

We’re excited to again host a dual exhibit show with these two talented artists!

Eric Boynton finds much of his inspiration in the Arts & Crafts era’s incorporation of nature into art and ceramics. You will often find images referencing nature through his works. Every tile piece is painstakingly hand crafted one at a time. Eric has worked at Moravian Pottery and Tile Works since 2001 and is the owner of Clay Rat Studio.

Sam Swartley is a Telford-based wildlife photographer. Wildlife is his passion, and he strives to show people the value of conservation through photography. His first wildlife photo was during a hike with his father and grandfather, and he was hooked. Since then, he hasn’t stopped learning and immersing himself in wildlife photography.

The exhibit runs through Friday, May 8 at the Gallery at Rockhill




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