A Message from President and CEO Dan McKee

Dear Grace Inspired Ministries Residents and Staff,

The year 2020 has been a challenging time for us. We have been struggling to keep the COVID-19 virus at bay while dealing with the economic challenges that this pandemic has created for our business and numerous businesses throughout the country.

In addition to these health and economic issues, we find ourselves facing the critical issue of racial injustice that continues to plague our society. The death of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery are horrifying and appalling. We grieve with and pray for their families.

Thursday marks 57 years since President Kennedy gave his nationwide address on Civil Rights. In this address he asked all Americans to confront a moral issue that is as old as the Scriptures and as clear as the American Constitution. He challenged every American to examine his conscience regarding the issues of racial discrimination and racial injustice. While some progress has been made since this address, far too much has been left undone in the area of racial equality and equal treatment under the law. The protestors who have come together across our nation and around the world speaking out against racial injustice give us hope that “now is the time for our nation to fulfill its promise” as Kennedy called for in 1963.

Grace Inspired Ministries remains committed to providing communities where our residents and staff can live and work in an environment that embraces diversity and celebrates the unique gifts that each individual brings to our community. We continue to strive to have campuses that are inclusive for everyone. We join with our neighbors and the local community in embracing the fight for equality and justice and we pray for God’s healing of our nation.


Dan McKee
President & CEO
Lutheran Community at Telford
The Community at Rockhill



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