Celebrating Our Employees

The Community at Rockhill and its parent company Grace Inspired Ministries celebrated all its employees the week of November 2, but took extra time to recognize employees with 5-year milestone anniversaries all the way to 45 years of service. Altogether, the 37 people recognized had a total of 510 years of service. Thank you and congratulations to these employees!


45 Years
Deb Raudenbush

40 Years
Joann Frey

35 Years
Linda Lynn

30 Years
Amy Godshall

Marie Hager

25 Years
Marcie Bradley

Sadie Robos

20 Years
Megan Labuda

Ruthie Mumbauer

Deb Ruof

15 Years
Chuck Canter

Kathy Cox

Randy Edelman

Anna Grossov

Karen Mills

Kathy Vagle

Matt Wallace

Pam Yoder

10 Years
Steve Woodward

5 Years
Carolyn Adams

Eric Baranowski

Darius Boyd

Danyell Corcoran

Tammy Dashler

Gloria Dellano

Britta Derstine

Bryn Dona

Jennifer Howells

Nathalie Kayiba

Gwen Kramer

Diane Kulp

Sonu Parikh

Felicia Robinson

Shakina Walker

Tim Weaver


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