Grant provides additional employee training

Grace Inspired Ministries, in collaboration with Bucks County Community College, is offering a three-part supervisor employee training for staff at its two Life Plan Communities: The Community at Rockhill and Lutheran Community at Telford.

The training is part of a WEDNetPA grant the company received from the Workforce and Economic Development Network of Pennsylvania. Created by the Department of Community & Economic Development, the program provides qualified employers with training funds for new and existing employers. WEDNetPA is a collaborative partnership of community colleges, state system universities and other educational institutions working together to be responsive to the needs of Pennsylvania’s business community.

The Grace Inspired series is open to any staff who directly or indirectly supervises employees. The courses include:

Impactful Communications

To help:

  • identify barriers to listening well
  • implement the steps of active listening
  • uncover hidden message
  • listen in emotional situations
  • increase information flow to enhance productivity and teamwork.
Customer Service Excellence

To help:

  • understand differences in work and communication style between employees, departments and shifts
  • examine the behaviors that contribute to a respectful workforce
  • recognize the importance of building an organizational culture that fosters respect
  • implement strategies to maintain a respectful work environment when faced with stress, uncertainty and change.
Taking Control of Conflict

To help:

  • identify preferred strategy for handling conflict
  • understand the characteristics and drawbacks of each typical approach to conflict
  • recognize the various sources of conflict that most often occur in the workplace
  • implement strategies for effectively resolving conflicts that stem from each source
  • practice behaviors that minimize conflict.

The entire training is offered over five weeks. Each session lasts two hours and is offered three times over the course of a single day, allowing the most people to attend.

“Communication is something we’re always trying to improve for our staff,” explained Tracy Moore, director of human resources. “We felt this supervisor employee training would provide beneficial information our staff could implement immediately.”



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