Wonderful Wedding Showcase

Over 30 Health Care residents celebrated all things Bridal on Friday, October 14, during the Activities Department’s Wonderful Wedding Showcase. The event featured 10 wedding dresses from eight decades and a presentation of resident wedding photos. A special display highlighted photos focused on one resident’s dress originally worn 80 years ago and then in the following decades by both her daughter and granddaughters.

Each guest was invited to create her own wedding bouquet, select a choice of veils and then have her professional photo taken under an arch of balloons. The event also included a cupcake tasting with a choice of salted caramel mocha, vanilla crème brulee and blackberry Earl Grey … or a bit of all three!

Visit our Facebook Page or Instagram Page to view photos of the Wedding Showcase.

The Rockhill Activities Department hosts daily and special events for Personal Care and Health Care residents to enrich their daily lives. Each month, the Department provides over 100 activities for residents.



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