Art Showing at Rockhill: The Works of Linda Kreckel

The current show at The Gallery at Rockhill features Linda Kreckel!

In the artist’s own words:
“I am a watercolor enthusiast who’s always searching for the best way to express the beauty and mood of my surroundings. The softness of a grassy field, the sparkle of rippling water, the pale spring green against tree lines all inspire first-hand connections to the scene in front of my eyes.

Sketching and planning to simplify the shapes and details takes center stage. I make use of the bright white of the paper in my work and focus on textures, values and color choice to design a scene that holds the attention of viewers.

I aim to yield a painting that compels the viewer to visually and emotionally come in and explore the balance and harmony of the piece and the beautiful transparency that attracted me to pursue the medium of watercolor.”

Linda enjoys painting local rural landscapes, especially Pennsylvania barns and houses and is inspired by scenes from her travels and flowers from her own garden.



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