New Series: Exploration of Faith

New Series Starting This Month! 

We’re excited to visit “Exploration of Faith” with a variety of outside speakers! In this new Life Enrichment series, our communities, The Community at Rockhill and Lutheran Community at Telford will join together to explore faith from a variety of perspectives. This series will explore both familiar Christian faiths as well as some world religions that may not be as familiar. During our explorations, we will discover that non-Christian religions are practiced in our own neighborhoods, not just faraway places, and that many of our faiths and beliefs have more in common than we think!

This series begins in April with a program on each campus. The following programs will alternate between campuses. Upcoming programs include:

Exploring Luther: A Journey from Darkness to Light, from Law to Gospel
We will reflect on the impact of Luther’s family life and time in history.

Exploring the Evangelical Free Church of America
Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) is about 125 years old. It is a relatively small denomination but one of the fastest growing in both congregations and congregants. Emerging out the great Scandinavian migrations of the late 1800’s, EFCA is a quietly influential denomination due to its educational commitment and its non-belligerent culture.

Exploring Rev. Nathaniel Bertolet Grubb
Grubb, who lived from 1850 to 1938, was a longtime pastor in Philadelphia. With a life spanning from before the Civil War through the advent of television, he observed immense changes in both church and culture.

Exploring World  Religions in a Time of Globalization

Exploring the Fabric of Churches in Southeastern Pennsylvania
This event will look at the seven pioneer strands of the Christian church found in our vicinity including Lutheran, Reformed, Mennonite, Moravian and Quaker and their influence on the founding of America.

This program fits with our Spiritual aspect of our focus on the six dimensions of Wellness as outlined by the National Institute on Wellness: physical, emotional, social, intellectual, occupational and spiritual.



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