Healthy Senior Living Series

The enrichment calendars at our sister communities, The Community at Rockhill and Lutheran Community at Telford, feature a lot of fun events, but they also have a strong focus on healthy senior living.

Our on-going Well-Being Healthy Senior Living Series is presented by either Alicia or Tina, our in-house fitness specialists at each community.

This month, at Rockhill, the series focused on Rejuvenating Rest: The Power of Sleep. The presentation looked at circadian rhythms, daily habits and nutrition. Alicia then offered simple lifestyle tips to promote a restorative rest.

At Telford, the recent focus was on Metabolic Disorders. The presentation discussed what they are, how we develop them and what they impact. Tina then discussed tips on how to prevent them or to reduce their impact if you have been diagnosed with a metabolic disorder.

Previous options in the series featured presentations on Power of Connections—Living with Purpose; Active Aging—Well Being for a Better You; and Healthy Eating Tips—Fuel For Your Body.

Additionally, this month’s calendar featured another in-house Healthy Life segment with Low Visions Interventions, presented by the Symbria Rehab Team. Our Occupational Therapist provided tips on how anyone with a low vision diagnosis can live life to the fullest with some Therapeutic Interventions. These included home modifications to improve safety, skills to assist in medication management, and meal prep tips.

Our Healthy Life enrichment calendar extends beyond in-house presentations. Previous months have featured talks by local medical personnel. These events addressed topics such as Cardiac Health—Building a Better Heart as well as Treatment of Knee and Hip Pain.



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