Outdoor Space

Senior living amid the beauty of nature, right outside your door.

Our picturesque 44-acre campus creates an ideal setting for inspired senior living. While we are located in the rolling hills of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, we’re also only a short hour drive from Philadelphia. Explore our nature trail or dig in the garden. Listen to the gurgle of a fountain or simply bask in the sunshine on our many patios. In addition, enjoy our grounds from the views out our soaring windows. We offer all these grounds for your enjoyment, without the responsibility of maintenance.

Engineered for use by residents with a wide range of mobility, our inviting nature trail features healthy walking with soft inclines and smooth pavement seams. Over two dozen recently restored birdfeeders are scattered along the trail and add plenty of wildlife to observe, interact and track by keeping tabs on number of birds and eggs using the whiteboard at the trailhead. Meanwhile, facilities like our outdoor barbecue pavilion are also available for resident use.

Get your hands dirty in our flourishing Community Garden.

As a resident, you can grow vegetables, flowers, herbs—whatever suits your fancy—in your own personal plot. Gardeners can make use of our fully equipped garden shed, as well as the ample compost generated by the community itself, thanks to our Green Team that collects everything from coffee grounds to vegetable scraps. We also offer an indoor greenhouse for plants that need to be started inside or overwintered.

Join the Horticulture Club! Specialists Koby & Tomias of “Pennsylvanica” teach about the importance of native flora through discussion and workshops on pollinator gardens, fruit tree orchards, edible and medicinal plants, and more!