Empowering Local Seniors: Selling & Moving Luncheon with Scott and Lisa Loper 

As the days grow longer in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, a unique opportunity awaits our local seniors. On the horizon lies a Lunch & Learn event, an occasion that promises not only a delightful meal catered by the in-house culinary team at Lutheran Community at Telford, but also valuable insights into real estate, community living and graceful aging. 

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Meet The Loper Team 

Seasoned real estate agents with Keller Williams, Scott and Lisa Loper bring a wealth of experience to the table. Having served the North Penn and Souderton areas for over 25 years, they possess an intimate understanding of the local real estate market. Their impact extends far beyond these boundaries with sales reaching all over Montgomery and Bucks Counties. Their passion lies in assisting homeowners who haven’t navigated the real estate landscape in many years, especially those in their golden years. 

Enlightening Event Takeaways 

1. Real Estate Wisdom 

For seniors who may be contemplating downsizing, relocating or transitioning to a senior living community, Scott and Lisa’s expertise is invaluable. They understand the emotional and practical aspects of selling a home, and their guidance can ease the process. Seniors can learn about market trends, pricing strategies and the art of staging a house to appeal to potential buyers. 

2. Community Living Insights 

This event offers seniors a chance to explore the concept of community living. Lutheran Community at Telford’s campus amenities and residences provide a glimpse into a vibrant and supportive environment. From fitness centers to social spaces, our 62+ demographic can discover how to maintain an active lifestyle while enjoying the camaraderie of friendly neighbors. 

3. The CCRC Advantage 

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) are designed to accommodate seniors at various stages of life. Lutheran Community at Telford’s Residency Counselors will shed light on the benefits of CCRCs, emphasizing the seamless transition from Independent Living to Personal Care if needed. Our guests can learn about the safety nets, healthcare services and peace of mind that CCRCs offer. 

4. Building Connections 

Beyond this informative program, our Selling & Moving Luncheon event encourages seniors to connect. Resident Ambassadors will be present at the event to answer questions, address concerns and foster a sense of community. Attendees can share stories, exchange ideas and perhaps even form lasting friendships. 

Get Involved 

As the event draws near on March 13th, please join us for a unique chance to gain knowledge, savor a delicious meal and envision a future filled with grace and purpose. Lutheran Community at Telford and Scott and Lisa Loper’s shared commitment to seniors exemplifies the spirit of community and empowerment. Mark your calendars and RSVP to an afternoon of celebrating wisdom, camaraderie and the beauty of aging gracefully.



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